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Captain of the Bahtera Perang - Bunian Warship

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and may peace be upon you,
This is the first entry for the new year, I would like to update you on the appearance and weapons/armor of the Bunian. Quite a while back, I saw a Bunian King standing at the wheel of what looked like a large sailing ship. The peculiar thing was that the ship was transparent and travelled in the clouds. Recently, I had the privilege to see him again and drew his armor in better clarity. This is what he looks like...
As I have mentioned before, the Bunian are not the gentle, water-loving creatures often portrayed in Malay folklore. They are fierce warriors fighting daily battles against the infidel Jin and the Iblis. As such, they are mostly in armor and battle-ready, but there are occasions when they dress differently such as during solat and official functions.
Di kesempatan ini, sempena posting pertama di tahun baru ini, ingin saya berkongsi tentang pakaian dan senjata para Bunian. Beberapa tahun lalu, saya pernah m…