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Assalamualaikum, May Peace be Upon you our beloved friends, supporters and readers in general. Below is a video compilation of some of Puteri Nur's cases that we have successfully handled. Attached is the original text (in Bahasa Melayu) from the Facebook post in which the video was attached. The video was intended as a momento of Puteri Nur's consultation and solution methods in treating her patients. In performing the treatment sessions, we have to act as consultants, solicitors, doctors, psychiatrists, diplomats, even the Immigration Department personnel to the Jin, among other roles, with the Grace of Allah. We terminate agreements between the Jin and their human hosts, assembling thousands of these beings, whether they were taken as saka or from amulets and talismans or the harbingers of sihir (black magic spells). In most cases, they have multiplied over the generations of humans, spanning hundreds if not thousands of years in each bloodline. The presence of these beings i…