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Who are the Bunian?

Peace be upon our beloved friends, followers of this blog and dear readers who may have chanced upon my virtual accounts of the trials and tribulations of Puteri Nur, the one and only Human-Bunian Hybrid. For first-timers (and recurring visitors alike), my name is Haji Muhammad, otherwise known as Bentara Tujuh, Guardian and Mediator to Puteri Nur and Herald to the Bunian Kings. These writings are sincere and honest recollections, records and reflections of experiences with the Hybrid and the Bunian Kings. I am not writing fiction, and neither am I writing to gain popularity or fame. All the accounts herein are facts about the Human-Bunian Hybrid and the Bunian Kings and their realm.

The Bunian have been mentioned in Malay folklore as supernatural beings possessing magical powers and great beauty. However, a great number of misconceptions have developed over the centuries of oral traditions passed from one generation to the next. I hope to unravel these misconceptions about the Bunian and present the truth the world, in an effort to clear their name and provide the actual facts about them, who they are and what they actually do.

1. Bunian are not Jinn
This is a common misconception amongst people. The Bunian, despite their supernatural nature, are not Jinn. The Qur'an mentions just a few of Allah's creations, namely Man, Angels (Malaikat), Spirits (roh), the Devil or Demons (Iblis) and the Jinn. Some may argue that because the Holy Book does not mention the Bunian specifically, they must be a type of Jinn. I beg to differ. Allah is Al-Khaliq (The Creator), and He created a multitude of creatures to fill the Universe. It is mentioned in the Qur'an that the Universe has 7 layers of skies and 7 layers of Earth. If all of His creations were to be mentioned in the Qur'an, the volumes would reach the skies! 

The Qur'an is a guide book, an instruction manual, not the Encyclopaedia Britannica. While some issues are addressed in detail, others are mentioned very briefly or discreetly. This is why the first verse of the Qur'an that was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) states, "Read in the Name of thy God Who Creates"(surah Al-Alaq, verse 1). It is a statement to Mankind that we are intelligent, sentient beings, able to think and make choices. As such, it is up to humans to explore and develop their knowledge of the Universe and of things around them, with the Qur'an as a guide. If we look at known scientific facts, many of them were not mentioned specifically or directly in the Qur'an. Of the millions of species of animals and plants in existence, very few are mentioned in the Qur'an. But nonetheless, they exist. This is Allah's Greatness manifested. If He were to tell us about every single thing that existed in the Universe, what is the purpose of our ability to think?
Some of the Bunian Kings in full battle armor

In etymology, the word "Jinn" comes from an Arabic word that means "to hide" or literally "beings that are hidden from the senses". The 72nd surah (chapter) of the Qur'an is entitled "Al-Jinn", and contains verses in relation to these beings. It is mentioned that Jinn are created from smokeless fire, but are able to take certain forms (animals and humanoid) and interact with humans and objects in the physical realm. It is perhaps because of this loose definition of the word "Jinn" that the Bunian (and other supernatural beings not specifically mentioned in the Qur'an) are labelled as such. Many ustaz (Islamic religious teachers) also brand the Bunian as Jinn, solely based on this definition and misleading oral traditions. To better understand this issue, I feel it is proper that we should look at 3 facts about the Jinn, which are mentioned in the Qur'an.

a. Jinn are created from smokeless fire (Qur'an, 15:27). 
It is a well-known fact among Muslims and those who are well-versed in the supernatural that Jinn are created from fire. Because of this, they are able to take on a multitude of forms, mainly animals and humanoid. There are also formless Jinn, often presenting themselves as smoke-like entities.

The Bunian, on the other hand, were created of Light, similar to the Angels but that is where the similarities end. The Bunian are created in human form, with the addition of wings on their backs. Bunian also do not take multiple forms. They remain in their human form, only changing the appearance of their attire to suit their purpose. In the first verse of surah Al-Faatir, it is mentioned that "Allah adds to His creations at His Will". This verse impresses upon humans that Allah has the power and the will to create anything and everything. As such, nothing is impossible for Allah the Almighty, including the creation of the Bunian.

b. Jinn are created well before Humans. 
It is also mentioned in the Qur'an in surah Al-Kahfi that Allah commanded the Angels and the Jinn to bow before Adam, but one of them - Azazil - refused and was cast out of Heaven and sent to Earth. The surah also mentioned that Azazil was of the Jinn. This proves that the Jinn were created before Man.

The Bunian, however, were created after Adam, when he was cast down to Earth for disobeying Allah's command. The Bunian and Muslim Jinn were commanded to help Adam live and thrive on Earth, especially after his son Qabil murdered his brother Habil, as a result of being under the influence of Iblis (the Devil). As such, the Bunian were commanded to tighten security and be more vigilant in their task to discreetly help the Humans to thrive on Earth.

c. There are Muslim and non-Muslim Jinn
It is mentioned in surah Al-Jinn, that there are Jinn who are devout (abid) and those who are deviant (kafir). 

The Bunian, in contrast, are exclusively Muslim and there is no deviant or non-Muslim Bunian.

2. The Bunian do not possess or help humans directly
Another common misconception is that Bunian can possess humans and make them do things that are against their wills, or possess humans during alternative healing sessions in order to help cure the sick. This is untrue as the Bunian were not created to help humans in such ways. They are forbidden by Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala to enter the human body, or directly intervene in Human activities.

Jinn, on the other hand, are known to possess human beings either willingly or by force. There are cases when the Jinn possessing the human admitted to being Bunian. Most of the time, the Jinn pretending to be Bunian are of the Kebayan variety. These Jinn often take the form of beautiful, young women or "princesses" and present a very pleasant personality so as to coax humans into thinking that they are benevolent and mean well. The true form of the Kebayan Jinn are hideous old hags with wrinkled skins and warts, and often hunchbacked with some of them holding staffs and carrying flower baskets. The deviant Kebayan are the most evil of the Jinn, and cause extreme mood swings and serious emotional imbalance to those whom they attach themselves to.

3. The Bunian do not take away or kidnap human babies
This is another frequent false statement about the Bunian. Malay tradition often mentions that supernatural beings known as Bunian take away some human babies to be raised in their realm. Honestly, there may be some truth to this statement, but for the wrong reasons. We have encountered cases where the parents of the said "abducted" baby claim that their child was taken by the Bunian. Upon further investigation, we found out that in most of the cases, the culprit was the Jinn.

In the past, the Bunian were allowed to have matrimonial relations with humans, for the single purpose of the conception of the Human-Bunian Hybrid. However, only one of these inter-dimensional marriages is destined to produce the Hybrid. As for the others, their descendants will either become fully Bunian or fully human. Should they become fully human, the child will be born into the human world as a normal baby would. Nonetheless, if the baby is destined to become fully Bunian, it will be taken by the Bunian upon childbirth or in the later months of pregnancy because the baby will not be able to survive in the human world. Likewise, a human (infant or adult) will not be able to survive in Alamzara, the Bunian realm.

In the case of Puteri Nur, the Bunian were monitoring her development in her mother's womb and were ready to take her away to Alamzara when they realized that she had a mortal body. Praise be to Allah, the Hybrid has finally arrived!

4. The Bunian do not give treasure
The Bunian have been said to give treasure to humans. This is untrue, in fact, the Bunian are not allowed to directly involve themselves in human affairs. Stories of Bunian providing humans with magical treasure in the form of gold and jewels are not true. Again, this is the work of Jinn who are able to physically conjure objects seemingly out of thin air. In truth, the so-called treasure (or in some cases cold hard cash) have been taken from another location and materialized in front of the conjurer. 

The Bunian do help humans to achieve their goals by assisting them and providing them with means to ease their tasks. Arranging instances and bringing in people who will be of assistance to the person. Giving them inspirations, ideas and skills or talents that will help them in life. But this is done discreetly and without the person's knowledge. It is also done upon Allah's decree and consent. This is how the Bunian help humans, not by spoon feeding them with money, gold and jewels.

5. The Bunian do not wear human attire
Traditionally, the Bunian are described as being gentle folk, wearing white baju kurung and holding baskets of flowers, bathing and singing at waterfalls. They are also said to live in villages in close proximity with human settlements.

In truth, they are fierce, fearless warriors of God who are armor-clad and armed from head to toe. Their task besides helping humans discreetly, is to wage war against the Iblis and infidel Jinn. They fight daily battles with the Iblis and the Jinn, and the Bunian are basically the marshals of the Supernatural Realm. They keep the order and their constant vigil keep the Iblis and the Jinn in check. The Bunian Kings are winged fighters wielding magical weapons. They are not unlike the Elves in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, but without the pointed ears and addition of magnificent wings and intricate crowns that grow like deer antlers from their heads.
Depiction of one of the Bunian Kings in armor, referred to in this blog as Putera Aria.
Putera Aria, in formal attire

The Bunian reside in a magical realm known as Alamzara. It is also known as Kayangan in Malay folklore. It is a land devoid of sunlight, their primary source of light being the Bunian themselves. The land is filled with white trees, bearing white fruits, populated with a myriad of white mythical animals. The rivers and seas are also milky white, while the rocks are solid chunks of gold and the sands are gleaming pearls. Their buildings are akin to the traditional Russian architecture, with spiraling domes and tall towers, all in white and gold.

These are among the most common misconceptions about the Bunian that I have encountered over the years since I have been with the Bunian. It is hoped that my brief explanation will lift the veil on the truth about the Bunian and help bring about a new understanding of these magical and wonderful creations of Allah the Almighty.


  1. Assalam,

    Saya sangat tertarik dengan fakta baru saya baru baca ini, misconception tentang bunian. Moga Allah beri saya kefahaman dalam hal2 seperti ini.

    Saya dalam teringat sangat belajar mengenai hakikat diri, untuk lebih dekat dengan Allah sungguh, bukan ikut2 shj. Doa kan saya, Tuan Haji Muhammad.

    Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan Tuan, Allah Bantu.

    Terima kasih.

    Taufiq, Bangi.


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