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Who are the Bunian?

Peace be upon our beloved friends, followers of this blog and dear readers who may have chanced upon my virtual accounts of the trials and tribulations of Puteri Nur, the one and only Human-Bunian Hybrid. For first-timers (and recurring visitors alike), my name is Haji Muhammad, otherwise known as Bentara Tujuh, Guardian and Mediator to Puteri Nur and Herald to the Bunian Kings. These writings are sincere and honest recollections, records and reflections of experiences with the Hybrid and the Bunian Kings. I am not writing fiction, and neither am I writing to gain popularity or fame. All the accounts herein are facts about the Human-Bunian Hybrid and the Bunian Kings and their realm.
The Bunian have been mentioned in Malay folklore as supernatural beings possessing magical powers and great beauty. However, a great number of misconceptions have developed over the centuries of oral traditions passed from one generation to the next. I hope to unravel these misconceptions about the Bunian …

Response to comment by Sharimah Jakaria on YouTube.

Assalamualaikum and good day to our dear friends, followers and readers. A while back, we received a comment from someone we didn't even know, accusing Puteri Nur of kidnapping her husband and keeping him in an orange house in Alamzara. Intrigued, we posted the commenter's profile on our facebook page. Some time later, we received a response from someone claiming to be this lady's husband.

Below is our response to his message, as posted in our facebook page.
Salam. Kami tidak mahu mengaibkan sesiapa dan tidak ingin menyebarkan ghibah. Selepas message yang saya post ini, berderet-deret lagi message dari facebooker ini masuk mengutuk dan mencaci Puteri Nur. Sedangkan kami tidak pernah mencampurkan urusan Bunian di dalam perawatan dan kami tidak mengenali pun facebooker ini. Kami redha dengan tugasan dan amanah kami memutuskan perjanjian antara jin dan manusia. Kami berpegang teguh kepada Allah untuk kesembuhan pesakit. Kami juga memaafkan mereka yang sering mencaci, mengumpat,…