Saturday, 23 April 2016

Posting in English

Assalamualaikum and greetings to our dear friends, readers and followers of this blog. I would like to announce that Puteri Nur has decided to have this blog published in English, in an effort to spread the Truth about the Bunian to readers outside of the Indo-Malaysia region.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you several other blogs by our friends who took the initiative to put their personal experiences in writing.

Puteri Nur Manusia Kacukan Bunian... The True Story is a casual, Malay-English blog written by a gentleman who shares his personal experiences during the treatment sessions of his wife by Puteri Nur. It is an informative and interesting eyewitness account, an insight into Puteri Nur's life.

Journey of the Hybrid: The Story of Puteri Nur is written by someone who knows Puteri Nur personally, from the time before her hybrid characteristics started to manifest. This blog is totally written in English, and contains accounts of the transformation of Puteri Nur from human to hybrid. The writer intends to debunk claims by individuals who think they are hybrids as well, because in truth, there is only one Human-Bunian Hybrid. This blog is also a humanistic approach to the life of Puteri Nur.

Bunian: Beings of Light is a blog written by an acquaintance from Down Under, which is basically an English version of Nukilan Bentara Tujuh. Unfortunately, the writer is unable to continue his writings but the contents of his blog should help in understanding the Bunian and the Hybrid.

We hope that this move will be successful in the globalization of the knowledge on the Truth about The Bunian. Thank you and may peace be upon you.