Thursday, 2 August 2012


Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Alhamdu Lillahi rabbil'alamin, wabihi nasta'in, lakhaulawala quwwata illabillah. By the Will of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. A quote attributed to the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, "History is written by the victors". As such, it is not surprising that many facts get twisted and the resulting "history" is actually what the victor wants us to perceive. SubhanALLAH, with the help of the Bunian, the truth is being uncovered. And it is my responsibility and duty as Bentara to impart such information to the public and reveal the Truth. 

I would like to portray here the tale of Mahsuri, the famous maiden of Langkawi. Many of us are familiar with the tale of an innocent maiden who was framed and put to death, but upon her last breath, put a curse on the island of Langkawi. It so happened that - supposedly to prove her innocence - the blood that oozed from her mortal wound was white. Allahuakbar! Please take a moment and review this scenario. As a Muslim, one is required to recite the Shahadah upon the moment of Death. To recite a hadith by Prophet Muhammad SalAllah'alaihiwasallam, "Teach thee (those who are living) upon those who are on the brink of Death, 'La Ilaa ha illAllah' (There is no God but ALLAH)". But what happened in the case of Mahsuri? Rather than recite the Shahadah, she conspired with the iblis and cursed the island of Langkawi! 

Upon reaching the end of one's life (sakaratul maut), a Muslim will be tempted by iblis in 7 categories, according to the book "Rasullallah SAW bertanya, iblis menjawab...". They will come to them as treasure and food, beasts that they feared, animals that they loved, people whom they hated, beloved relatives bearing food and drink, ulama' bearing various books and offering false sanctuary, and 72 factions - in accordance with the iktikad of Prophet Muhammad SalAllah'alaihiwasallam that his ummah will be divided into 73 different factions, only one of which (ahli sunnah wal jama'ah) is True. Should the dying person follow any of these, they will be condemned to Hell. MasyaAllah. That is why before the end of one's life, a Muslim is required to recite the Shahadah. The Shahadah is a Muslim's oath that "There is no God but ALLAH, and Muhammad is His Messenger". This oath is a reflection of one's heart and soul, and is a manifestation of the solat (prayers) and other forms of ibadah that the person had observed during their lifetime.

From this statement, it was evident that Mahsuri's heart and soul were reflected in her curse rather than her Shahadah. SubhanAllah, I am not one to condemn, but should she had been innocent, she would have observed the 6 Pillars of Faith (Rukun Iman) and accept her qada' and qadar with an open heart. She would have recited the Shahadah and sincerely accepted her Fate. Nonetheless, she condemned her soul by uttering a curse! And what of the white blood? MasyaAllah, when Mahsuri uttered her curse, she conspired with the iblis, condemning her soul in the Afterlife. The iblis helped her to manifest her curse, and caused those who have little or no faith in ALLAH subhanahu wata'ala to see that her blood was white. People who wholeheartedly believe and have Faith in ALLAH will see that her blood was red. SubhanAllah, the iblis will trick and lure Man to Hell - such was their oath to ALLAH. Mahsuri's grave - like Hang Tuah's - was also moved to a secret location to prevent people from performing blasphemous acts to it. The grave on the island of Langkawi is empty.

This - like the tale of Riangga/Puteri Gunung Ledang - is another example of how human "history" had mislead us. There are other truths that the Bunian had revealed to me that I will release in due time. In the mean time, let us take this example into consideration and revise our own Faith. In parting, I pray that ALLAH show us the straight Path (surah Al-Fatihah, verse 6). Wabillahitaufiq walhidayah. Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Allahuakbar.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Putera Aria

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful. This is a portrait of Putera Aria, husband of Puteri Sari. His Royal Highness appeared before me with Puteri Sari. Allahuakbar. Recognize the jewel on his turban? It was him who inspired the person who designed the flag of PAS, in hope that Malaysia will become a good Islamic and religious country. Allahuakbar.

The land of Puteri Nur

SubhanAllah, Allahuakbar. Allah created everything. Who are we to ask why and where? Alam Zara is the land of Puteri Nur's ancestors.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Truth about BUNIAN

Assalamu'alaikum. By the Grace of ALLAH the Beneficent, the Merciful. There is no God but ALLAH, and MUHAMMAD is His Messenger. When ALLAH subhanahuwata'ala created Adam 'alaihissalam, He commanded all His creations to bow down to him. All of ALLAH's creations bowed down to Adam 'alaihissalam EXCEPT IBLIS. It has been revealed in surah Al-Baqarah, verse 33, "And when We said unto the angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, EXCEPT Iblis. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever." Iblis was made to be the most beautiful of Allah's creatures, from fire and Adam was made from earth, which was collected by Angels from all over. Iblis said, "Why should I bow down to Adam, who is of earth, while I am created from beautiful flame?" But when he refused to bow down to Adam, ALLAH changed him to be the ugliest of all creatures. This Iblis was known as AZAZIL, the first of his kind. Iblis was vengeful towards Adam. When Adam was cast down to Earth, Iblis asked that he be granted one wish: that he may not be destroyed till the End of Days, Qiamat. He vowed to plunge each and every descendant of Adam 'alaihissalam to Hell. This request was recorded in surah Al-A'raf, verse 14, "He said: Reprieve me till the day when they are raised (from the dead)."

ALLAH subhanahuwata'ala granted his request, but He is Wise and Benevolent. He created the Bunian in the form of Man, but out of light instead of clay. The Bunian is tasked with the protection of Man and only they and the Angels (Malaikat) can destroy Iblis and his kin. Iblis and his kind are of hot fire, and they spread like wildfire. But ALLAH is Wise, and He sent Angels who can kill Iblis with arrows when lightning strikes, along with the Bunian on earth. That is why the Bunian were created on the form of Man, so that they can commune with Man. It is revealed in the Holy Quran that when Adam had two pairs of twin offspring, ALLAH commanded that he marry them with each other - Habil with Qabil's sister Iqlima while Qabil with Habil's sister, Labuda. Qabil rejected the idea because according to him, his sister Iqlima is more beautiful and he wishes to marry her. SubhanAllah, Qabil murdered Habil his brother under the influence of Iblis. Thus occured the first murder in the history of Man. This was revealed in the Holy Quran in surah Al-Ma'edah, verse 30, "But (the other's) mind imposed on him the killing of his brother, so he slew him and became one of the losers."

Looking at this incident, how can Man survive and breed without help? Habil's murder wiped out 1/6th of the human population, masyaAllah! ALLAH subhanahuwata'ala therefore sent forth the Bunian, along with the Muslim Jinn to help protect Adam 'alaihissalam and his fledgeling family from the lies and deception of Iblis. It was the Bunian and the Muslim Jinn that helped teach Adam how to plant crops and build houses, for he did not know these things when he was cast out of Heaven. ALLAH is Wise and All-Knowing. In his Wisdom He had created the Bunian. Ever since then, the Bunian has been looking over Man, guiding them, helping them and protecting them from Iblis and the Jinn Kafir (disbelievers). Allahuakbar.

SubhanAllah, the Bunian were created in the form of Man so that they may interact with Mankind. Like the Angels, the Bunian are of light. The only difference being that the Bunian eat, drink and sleep. However, they do not eat meat for it is considered an act of murder by the Bunian. They are also not visible to the naked eye. The Bunian are not mentioned in the Holy Quran because they are ALLAH'S secret. They have rulers - royalty - and the Bunian royalty have wings and crowns, praise be to ALLAH. This is another similarity of the Bunian to Angels, as mentioned in the first verse of surah Faatir, "Praise be to ALLAH, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, Who appointeth the angels messengers having wings two, three and four. He multiplieth in creation what He will. Lo! ALLAH is Able to do all things." All Bunian are Muslims, and they are found all over the world, wherever Muslims are found. They would come to the aid of the oppressed and pure of heart. This is supported by a verse in surah Al-Qasas, "And We desired to show favour unto those who were oppressed in the earth." (Al-Quran, 28:5). SubhanAllah, it is by the Will of ALLAH that the Bunian come to our aid.

ALLAH subhanahuwata'ala created many Realms, and within each Realm their own inhabitants, which are suited to live in their respective environments. It was mentioned in surah Hud, verse 7, "And He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days...", in surah An-Naba', verse 12, "And We have built above you seven strong (heavens)" and in surah Ash-Shura, verse 29"And of His portents is the creation of the heaven and the earth, and of whatever creatures He hath dispersed therein". The Bunian reside in one of these Realms. The Realm of the Bunian is devoid of sunlight, but remains lit by the light of the Bunian. It is also damp and is inhabited by various creatures - jinn - in the form of fantastic animals such as gold-antlered stags. As the Bunian do not eat meat, they take fruits and leaves, and also the scent of flowers. They need water and in the human world, are always close to waterfalls. The Bunian dress in plain white clothes, with only royalty having crowns and jewelry. Bunian royalty are known as Putera and Puteri (Prince and Princess) and the Putera have scepters. A common misconception is that all Bunian are royalty. This is not true as there are common Bunian folk as well. Some healers are accompanied by these common Bunian folk, who do not possess wings or crowns. Bunian are able to travel between Realms, but do not manifest themselves to the human eye. Nonetheless, humans who have their hijab lifted may see the Bunian should they will it, and with ALLAH'S Grace. 

As mentioned in surah Ad-Dhariyat, verse 56, "I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me." That is all the Bunian do. They perform the solat, zikir and recite the Quran. They praise ALLAH at all times. They are pure, pious beings who only worship ALLAH. The Bunian also fight against the Iblis, preventing them from bringing harm to Humankind. AlhamduLillah. Nonetheless, they are fewer in number and are often oppressed by the Iblis and Jinn Kafir. There are many tales to the origin of the Bunian. One that is most frequently heard is that the Bunian is the offspring of a man and a jinn. Another origin story states that the Bunian are from a group of pious people who asked ALLAH to hide them from human sight because of their wrongdoings. Bunian have also been said as being "hantu" (ghosts) or jinn or even Iblis. All of this is not true. Bunian are created from Light, just as Angels are, except that Bunian eat, drink and sleep, and are able to communicate with humans. There are many incidents where the Iblis and Jinn Kafir disguise themselves as Bunian to lead Mankind astray. Tales of people receiving "Bunian treasure" and various artifacts that are supposedly from the Realm of the Bunian are not true. These "treasures" are in fact brought to them by Jinn Kafir and Iblis to deceive Mankind! Na'uzuBillah! The Bunian have no use for gold and gems, and will not bequeath them to humans, unless they are the rightful heir to the treasure. The only true treasures that belong to Bunian are rosaries (tasbih) that are used in zikir, which are awarded to those who are in need. The Bunian crowns actually grow from their heads like antlers on deer they and cannot be removed, subhanAllah! How can people claim to have Bunian crowns? Another misleading information is that the Bunian would "steal" babies from their mothers' wombs. This is yet another myth, as humans cannot live in the Bunian realm. As mentioned earlier, each Realm has its own creatures. Why would the Bunian kidnap human babies? They are, in fact, Bunian babies. The human mother must have had a Bunian ancestor, as the child was to be born a Bunian. Likewise, if humans cannot survive in the Bunian realm, neither can a Bunian survive in the human world - first and foremost they are invisible to the human eye! SubhanAllah! That is why the Bunian would take the baby away and raise it in their realm.

The Bunian first appeared to Humankind in Malaya during the 1930's. They came to Nyak Puteh, the father of renowned actor, singer, songwriter, musician and director the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee. The Bunian came to warn Nyak Puteh of an impeding danger: World War II. But nobody listened to them, and the Japanese occupied Malaya. After the Japanese occupation, the Bunian then appeared to P.Ramlee. He was just a stage hand at the time. He was poor and oppressed so the Bunian came to him. They helped him gain his popularity and wealth through the entertainment industry, in which he acted and directed some 66 films and was credited with about 360 songs. The Bunian revealed to him their world and their culture so that he may reveal the truth about the Bunian. Nonetheless, he changed many things to suit his taste, typically the Bunian clothes and dance. Films like Pancha Delima and Sumpah Orang Minyak were inspired by the Bunian, and so were many of his songs, notably Istana Bunian. Unfortunately, the Bunian left P.Ramlee when he took the susuk,  charm needles that act as talismans. The susuk is forbidden in Islam and is a sinful act to take them. P Ramlee bade the Bunian to return, but they did not for he had the susuk with him. The Bunian dislike people who have sinned. As such, P Ramlee's career dwindled and he died at an early age of 44 in 1973. After that, many film makers took the idea of the Bunian and crafted a different image of these sacred beings. MasyaAllah.

Now, almost 40 years since P.Ramlee's death, the Bunian have made themselves known again, this time through the last heir of Putera Nara, Puteri Nur, who is also the one and only Bunian-human hybrid. Here I would like to invite anyone whose HIJAB has been lifted to come and meet Puteri Nur in person. Do email me at I have performed the Hajj and I also have a degree in Biological Sciences. Puteri Nur has wings and crown that are invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen by those whose HIJAB has been lifted, including Ustaz and Alim-ulama who have the gift of treating people. Puteri Nur's nenda, Puteri Sari, had asked an Ustaz to recite the surah AS-SAJADAH unto water that was used to bathe Puteri Nur on the first day upon the birth of her wings. Bunian, like Angles, have wings... but only the royalty. As mentioned before, there are many Jinn Kafir who oppress the Bunian, misleading people and driving them away from the Bunian. This is an unseen war that has been waged since the beginning of Humanity. SubhanAllah. Such is the Grace of ALLAH. It is her mission to reveal the truth about the Bunian. These benevolent beings mean no harm. On the contrary, they and the Muslim Jinn were the ones who helped Adam 'alaihissalam cultivate the land and build houses. They assisted Nuh 'alaihissalam in building his Ark. They also helped Ibrahim 'alaihissalam build the Kaabah. When Musa 'alaihissalam was floated down the Nile, the Bunian and Muslim Jinn helped guide the container bearing the infant Musa to the Pharaoh's palace. This incident was mentioned in surah Al-Qasas, verse 7"And We inspired the mother of Musa, saying: Suckle him and, when thou fearest for him, then cast him into the river and fear not nor grieve." They were also present at the battles of MUHAMMAD salallahu'alaihiwassallam, namely the Battle of Badar.

The Bunian, Muslim Jinn and Angels - the Soldiers of ALLAH - are fighting a daily war against the Iblis and the Jinn Kafir. Therefore, the Jinn Kafir use many tactics to mislead Man, including disguising themselves as Bunian! This is a war that cannot be seen by the naked eye. As Muslims, it is our duty to uphold the six Pillars of Faith and the five Pillars of Islam. Wallahi, wabillahi, such is the truth about the Bunian. Wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kisah Riangga...

Assalamu'alaikum, dengan izin Allah kita bertemu lagi. SubhanAllah. SubhanAllah. SubhanAllah. Kali ini aku ingin menitipkan kisah Riangga, seorang penari istana Majapahit. Siapa Riangga? Apa yang istimewa mengenainya? Kalau nak tahu, Riangga ialah nama sebenar Puteri Gunung Ledang. Puteri Ratna Dumillah hanyalah nama yang diberikan oleh Sultan kepadanya. Setiap kali Puteri Sari bercerita mengenai Riangga, pasti air matanya berderai. SubhanAllah. Kisah berikut aku terima daripada Puteri Sari...

Riangga merupakan seorang penari istana yang kecantikannya diidamkan segala raja yang pernah melihatnya. Tariannya yang mempersona membuatkan beliau menjadi buruan. Namun, kasihan, Riangga telah diperkosa Bendahara Majapahit. Beliau mendapat anak kembar, keduanya puteri. Pada zaman itu, anak penzina akan dibunuh. Walaupun Riangga diperkosa, tetapi anak-anaknya tetap dianggap anak zina. Riangga digilai Sultan Melaka yang taksub kepada wanita. Tapi baginda hanya hendakkan Riangga, bukan anak-anaknya.

Kononnya Hang Tuah bercinta dengan Puteri Gunung Ledang atau nama sebenarnya Riangga... SubhanAllah, tidak benar! Hang Tuah hanya inginkan tubuh Riangga. Kesian Riangga, dah lah Bendahara Majapahit memperkosanya, Hang Tuah pulak memperdayanya untuk mendapatkan tubuhnya. MasyaAllah, Hang Tuah sebenarnya manusia keji yang bertuhankan senjata. Dia tak ada apa-apa, kehebatannya hanya pada kerisnya yang dihuni jin kafir bernama Taming Sari. Ya, Taming Sari ialah nama jin kafir yang menginap di dalam keris Hang Tuah. Jin pertama yang menginap di dalam keris. Dia harus dijamu darah, kalau tidak pemiliknya boleh jadi gila. Itu yang diagung-agungkan orang. Astaghfirullah. Antara Tuah lima bersaudara, Jebat amat bengis, Lekiu dan Kasturi tak boleh diharap. Cuma Hang Lekir yang boleh dikatakan bijaksana. AlhamduLillah, beliau belajar agama Islam dari pedagang-pedagang Turki yang datang berdagang di Melaka. Masa itu tidak ramai pendakwah, jadi masyarakat masa itu amat jahil dengan agama Islam. Yang kuat berkuasa, yang lemah ditindas. MasyaAllah.

Hang Lekir, bersama Bendahara Melaka telah menyelamatkan Riangga dan anak-anaknya dan membawa mereka lari ke Ledang. Di sana, Riangga memohon kepada Allah ta'ala supaya kaum Bunian dizahirkan kepadanya. SubhanAllah, permohonan Riangga telah diperkenankan Allah, maka kaum Bunian menzahirkan diri kepada Riangga. Mereka kesiankan Riangga kerana dia telah banyak teraniaya. Mereka telah membawa Riangga bersama kedua puterinya ke alam Bunian. Tapi manusia biasa tidak boleh bertahan lama dalam alam Bunian. Oleh itu, Riangga telah dikahwinkan dengan seorang Bunian dan kaum Bunian telah mengurniakan sedikit kuasa mereka kepada Riangga. AlhamduLillah, Riangga masih hidup sehingga kini, dan berada di alam Bunian. Kedua puterinya juga sudah dewasa dan berkahwin dengan Bunian juga. Puteri-puteri Riangga juga pandai menari, macam ibu mereka. SubhanAllah.

Wallahi, aku mencoretkan kisah ini kerana ini merupakan permintaan Riangga. Beliau ingin semua orang tahu bahawa Hang Tuah bukanlah seperti yang disangkakan. Sampai orang nak sembah kubur Hang Tuah. Astaghfirullah. Buat apa? Hang Tuah manusia keji yang bertuhankan senjata. Seru jin Taming Sari untuk menginap didalam kerisnya supaya senjatanya hebat. Mempermainkan Riangga yang dah teraniaya, memperdayakannya untuk memuaskan nafsu semata-mata... Lailahaillallah. Semoga Riangga dapat merasakan ketenangan...

Sehingga bertemu di lain masa, sekian, wabillahitaufiq walhidayah, wassalam.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Kebenaran tentang Puteri Nur

Assalamualaikum, dengan izin Allah kita bersua lagi. Aku pelik kerana sering dimarahi dengan teruk oleh Puteri Sari kalau aku tak jaga Puteri Nur betul-betul. Puteri Sari tak izinkan Puteri Nur bersendirian kerana katanya terlalu banyak jin kafir dan iblis ingin memusnahkan Puteri Nur. Pada mulanya aku tak faham, kenapa sampai dia kata kalau sekali lagi aku tak jaga Puteri Nur betul-betul, dia akan bawa Puteri Nur pulang ke alamnya. Sehingga pada satu hari, Puteri Sari memerintahkan supaya Puteri Nur dibawa ke sebuah kawasan air terjun. Di sana, Puteri Sari telah membuka rahsia sebenar siapa Puteri Nur.
Puteri Nur rupanya waris terakhir Putera Nara, kekanda kepada Puteri Sari. Dia sebenarnya manusia dan bunian! Jasad Puteri Nur adalah manusia, tetapi dia diselaputi cahaya berwarna putih iaitu cahaya Bunian. Mereka yang telah dibuka hijabnya boleh melihat cahaya ni. Begitu juga dengan ulama yang pernah merawat Puteri Nur. Mereka tahu siapa dia sebenarnya. Kejadian Puteri Nur adalah sesuatu yang mustahil, tetapi Allah Maha Kuasa, ada sebabnya. Puteri Nur adalah utusan Allah yang manusia akan tahu tidak lama lagi. Puteri Nur satu-satunya kacukan manusia dan bunian yang ada. Perkahwinan antara manusia dan bunian selalunya akan menghasilkan manusia terus atau bunian terus. Tapi Puteri Nur memiliki kedua-dua ciri manusia dan bunian.
Kuasa sakti yang dimiliki Puteri Nur sekarang tiada tandingnya, termasuk ulama-ulama yang telah melihatnya terkejut dengan kuasa yang ada pada Puteri Nur. Bagi manusia yang ingin dirawat oleh Puteri Nur, atau hanya mahu menilik nama, Puteri Nur baru hendak mengambil wuduk sahaja pesakit itu sudah mula menangis dan menggigil. Puteri Nur harus mempunyai wuduk apabila merawat. Puteri Nur boleh melihat segala roh, qarin, iblis atau jin-jin yang ada bersama pesakit itu.
Hari demi hari Puteri Nur melalui perubahan dari manusia ke bunian. Tabiat pemakanannya, perilakunya, perwatakannya, makin hari makin 'bunian'. Dia dah jadi semakin pendiam, kurang bergerak, lebih banyak beribadat & berzikir, dia dah tak nak berhubung dengan manusia. Handphone nya pun dah dimatikan. Aku dipertanggungjawabkan untuk menjaga makan-minumnya, uruskan singgahsana. Satu hari aku tengok dia terbaring, aku ingat dia penat buat kerja. Tiba-tiba nendanya Puteri Sari muncul. Puteri Sari bagitau aku kalau manusia berehat akan dapat tenaga, tetapi kalau bunian tak bergerak tu maknanya dah takde tenaga. Kalau dibiarkan boleh meninggal! Aku bergegas keluar ambil bunga mawar dan melur, dan terus bagi pada Puteri Nur. Alhamdulillah, selepas menghidu bunga, barulah dia segar sikit. Seperti yang aku cakap dulu, bunga merupakan tenaga kepada bunian. Sekarang Puteri Nur pun dah macam tu.
Sekian dahulu, wassalam.
*Assalamualaikum para pembaca sekalian, ingin saya mempelawa saudara/saudari untuk membaca artikel terkini di blog ini, "Kebenaran mengenai Bunian" dan "Kebenaran mengenai Bunian II" untuk mendapat maklumat terkini mengenai Para Raja-raja Bunian. Wassalam.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Perihal Bunian

Assalamualaikum. Dengan kehendak Allah, kita bertemu lagi. Aku rasa sebelum ni aku terlalu formal didalam penulisan aku. Tak menarik nak dibaca, kan? Mulai post ni aku akan tukar stail penulisan aku. Aku bergelar Panglima Bentara Tujuh, penjaga dan Bentara kepada Puteri Nur, warisan terakhir bunian-manusia. Di alam kita manusia, Puteri Nur ialah kakak sepupuku. Di alam Bunian, dia ialah warisan terakhir Bunian Pemerintah Nusantara yang merupakan kacukan manusia dan Bunian. Aku telah dipilih untuk menjadi perantara bagi Para Bunian melalui Puteri Nur. Tugasku mencatat dan menceritakan semula apa yang disampaikan kepada ku supaya dapat dijelaskan kepada manusia apa yang tak betul mengenai kaum Bunian.

Kita selalu dengar, lihat dan baca macam-macam kisah mengenail Alam Bunian dan Alam Jin. Ada yang kata Bunian ni hasil perkahwinan antara manusia dan jin. Ada jugak yang cakap Bunian ni syaitan dan iblis yang memperdaya manusia. Satu cerita lagi ialah Bunian berasal dari satu kaum manusia yang malu. Tak kurang juga yang kata ada Bunian Islam dan kafir. SubhanAllah, bukan! Bunian ni makhluk ciptaan Allah yang dijadikan dari cahaya. Macam malaikat cuma malaikat tak makan, tak minum, tak tidur, tiada jantina, cuma buat tugas masing-masing. Malaikat jugak pernah menzahirkan diri dalam bentuk manusia tetapi tu hanya pada zaman Nabi. Bunian fizikalnya macam manusia. Tapi sebab mereka daripada cahaya, mereka tak dinampak oleh manusia biasa. Mereka hidup lama. Ribuan tahun. Tugas mereka ialah beribadat kepada Allah - solat, zikir, zanji - dan membantu manusia yang dianiaya. Mereka juga merupakan ulama-ulama yang mana mengajarkan agama Islam kepada jin-jin kafir yang ingin memeluk agama Islam. Raja-raja Bunian pula bertempur dengan iblis dan jin kafir dan memusnahkan jin yang ingkar. Mereka macam kita juga. Ada keluarga, hidup bermasyarakat. Bunian dijadikan dari cahaya, jadi mereka boleh bergerak sepantas cahaya. Mereka juga bukan sentiasa berpakaian putih, hanya ketika solat dan menghadap raja-raja mereka. Mereka amat gemarkan bunga-bunga. Bunga memberikan tenaga kepada mereka. Alam Bunian pula berkeadaan lembap dan tidak cahaya matahari. Alam Bunian bukanlah berada di dalam hutan seperti yang diceritakan.

Puteri Nur bakal mewarisi takhta nendanya. Takhtanya berupa seperti pelamin Jawa bertatahkan batu-batu permata delima, zamrud yang bentuknya tidak seperti di dunia nyata. Lantai takhtanya kaca. Sepatu diraja Puteri Nur dibuat daripada sejenis logam seperti besi tetapi bukan besi. Puteri Nur sendiri tak faham ia dari apa. Mahkota Bunian berwarna tembaga dan bentuk berbeza mengikut usia mereka. Saiz mahkota tersebut juga berbeza, mengikut umur mereka. Ibarat tanduk rusa yang tumbuh. Yang manusia tarik seperti yang kita baca dan lihat di internet tu bukan mahkota Bunian sebenar. Tu semua kerja jin-jin kafir yang nak sesatkan manusia dan aniaya Bunian. Bukan harta Bunian! Bunian tak bagi harta pada manusia. Untuk apa nak bagi manusia harta? Harta Bunian kalau dibawa ke dunia nyata akan menyakitkan mereka jika bukan diserahkan kepada waris. Bagi Bunian, untuk apa bagi harta? "Sedangkan kami tahu harta itu akan hanya menyesatkan dan membawa kepada pertelingkahan", kata Puteri Nur.

Bunian tak makan daging atau haiwan kerana kepada mereka, itu pembunuhan. Mereka hanya makan tumbuh-tumbuhan dan sayuran. Mereka ini juga semuanya alim-ulama. Mereka sering membincangkan hal-hal berkaitan agama Islam.

Seperti yang telah aku jelaskan di awal blog ini, para Bunian telah diturunkan ke Dunia bersama-sama dengan Nabi Adam AS. Mereka merupakan rahsia Allah, sebab tu tak disebut dalam Al-Quran. Allah Maha Bijaksana, dijadikan Bunian dan Jin Islam untuk membantu dan melindungi manusia daripada iblis dan jin kafir. Bayangkan Nabi Adam baru dijadikan, turun ke Dunia tak tahu apa-apa. Bunian dan Jin Islam telah ditugaskan untuk membantu manusia, mengajar kita bagaimana bercucuk-tanam, membina rumah. Mereka juga yang telah membantu Nabi Ibrahim membina Kaabah, Nabi Nuh membina bahtera, dan juga Nabi Muhammad di dalam peperangan menentang Kafir Quraisy. Para Bunian jugalah yang mendorong bakul yang membawa Nabi Musa ke istana Firaun untuk menyelamatkannya. Malah, Para Bunian turut ada ketika Nabi Sulaiman ingin mengalihkan takhta Puteri Balqis. Tetapi kaum Bunian dan Jin Islam difitnah dan dianiaya oleh iblis dan jin-jin kafir. Bunian amat sukar membiak. Tetapi mereka ada di merata-rata, membantu manusia yang teraniaya - dengan Izin dan Kehendak llah Subhanahu Wataala. Puteri Sari yang ku kenali boleh berbicara di dalam pelbagai bahasa, termasuk Bahasa Inggeris, Jepun, Rusia dan Belanda. Mereka juga mempunyai teknologi seperti kita, cuma teknologi mereka jauh lebih maju dari kita.

Kita sering disogokkan dengan kisah tarik harta bunian, Bunian ni hantu dan syaitan, Bunian curi anak orang, dan lain-lain. Buat apa Bunian nak bagi harta kat manusia? Harta hanya membawa kepada hasad dengki, permusuhan, peperangan dan kemusnahan. Aku pernah melihat harta yang konon-kononnya ditarik dari alam Bunian. Bohong. Aku boleh cari benda yang sama kat Petaling Street! Harta Bunian berlainan daripada harta manusia. Jika dianugerahkan kepada kepada sesiapa, biasanya ada tujuan tertentu seperti untuk pengubatan atau mempertahankan diri. Bunian tidak akan memberikan harta kepada manusia jika harta tersebut diketahui akan membawa kepada kemudaratan. Seperti yang aku cakapkan tadi, Bunian merupakan alim-ulama. Mereka dijadikan dari cahaya, bukannya syaitan atau iblis yang memperdaya manusia, sebaliknya mereka yang membantu manusia. Yang mengganggu tu sebenarnya iblis dan jin kafir. Jin kafir yang memperdaya manusia dengan memberikan manusia pelbagai artifak seperti batu permata dan perhiasan serta kayu-kayu yang pelik. Mereka muncul di hadapan manusia dan menyamar sebagai Bunian. Iblis pula tahu ketakutan manusia. Mereka akan merupa menjadi apa yang ditakuti manusia. Itu yang kita panggil 'pontianak', 'pocong', 'toyol' dan sebagainya. Nanti aku cerita lagi pasal iblis dan jin kafir ni.

Sekian buat masa ni. Wassalam.

* Salam kepada para pembaca. Minta baca artikel terkini di dalam blog ini "Kebenaran mengenai Bunian" dan "Kebenaran mengenai Bunian II" untuk mendapat maklumat mutakhir mengenai Para Raja Bunian. Artikel di atas banyak menceritakan mengenai rakyat Bunian biasa, namun Para Raja-raja Bunian berbeza. Raja-raja Bunian serius di dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka. Mereka tidak berjenaka, gelak ketawa mahupun senyum. Mereka sentiasa bersenjata dan berperisai, sesuai dengan tugasan mereka membinasakan iblis dan jin kafir. Para Raja-raja Bunian juga bersayap dan mereka berada di seluruh dunia. Silalah baca artikel-artikel terkini untuk mengetahui lebih tentang Kebenaran mengenai Bunian. Wassalam. *

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kewujudan Bunian

Assalamualaikum, kita bertemu lagi dengan kehendak Allah SWT. Tujuan hamba menitipkan kisah-kisah ini adalah untuk menjelaskan mengenai jin dan bunian yang sering disalahertikan oleh manusia. Hamba mendapat maklumat terus daripada sumbernya, iaitu kaum Bunian dan Jin Islam. Maklumat ini dikuatkan dengan fakta daripada kitab-kitab dan ulama-ulama yang hamba pernah temui.

Di kesempatan ini ingin hamba titipkan sedikit mengenai asal-usul bunian. Terdapat beberapa teori yang telah hamba baca mengenai kewujudan bunian ini. Salah satu daripadanya menyatakan bahawa bunian merupakan zuriat hasil daripada perkahwinan antara manusia dan jin. Ini adalah tidak benar sama sekali. Di dalam kitab feqah ada dinyatakan bahawa perkahwinan di antara jin dan manusia adalah haram. Panglima Utama turut menjelaskan bahawa perkahwinan di antara jin dan manusia adalah mustahil kerana manusia dan jin tidak sama sekali bentuk fizikal mereka. Beliau menggunakan contoh dirinya sendiri, jin harimau. Katanya mana mungkin harimau berkahwin dengan manusia? Hamba telah dijelaskan mengenai asal kewujudan bunian oleh Puteri Sari sendiri. Beliau merupakan puteri bunian yang mempunyai kerajaan di alamnya. Menurut beliau, bunian merupakan ciptaan Allah yang hampir sama dengan malaikat. Mereka turut dijadikan daripada cahaya. Tujuan mereka diciptakan adalah untuk membantu manusia di bumi.

Ketika nabi Adam AS diciptakan, Allah telah memerintahkan sekalian makhluk untuk sujud kepada nabi Adam. Semua makhluk telah menurut perintah Allah kecuali Azazil. Dia kemudiannya dimurkai Allah dan sebagai hukumannya, dia dihantar ke bumi. Namun begitu, Allah telah memperkenankan permintaannya untuk menyesatkan kaum manusia di bumi. Azazil kemudiannya dikenali sebagai Iblis. Asalnya merupakan makhluk tercantik dan terpandai, disumpah menjadi hodoh dan mengerikan. Nabi Adam juga telah dihantar ke bumi bersama Hawa. Allah Maha Bijaksana, diciptakanNya bunian untuk membantu manusia di bumi. Kewujudan bunian telah dirahsiakan dan tidak disebut di dalam Al-Quran namun mereka telah diutus bersama jin Islam untuk membantu manusia dan menentang iblis serta jin kafir. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan membiarkan manusia sendirian di bumi. Lihat sahaja kisah Habil dan Qabil yang telah berbunuhan sesama mereka. Bunian dan jin Islam telah ditugaskan untuk membantu umat manusia supaya dapat meneruskan kemandirian mereka.

Bunian akan mendampingi mereka yang terlalu teraniaya dan membantu mereka untuk meneruskan kehidupan. Secara fizikalnya, bunian menyerupai manusia. Namun bunian tidak dapat dilihat dengan mata kasar. Oleh itu, perkahwinan antara manusia dan bunian boleh terjadi dan ada disebut di dalam kitab. Bunian diberikan kelebihan-kelebihan dan kuasa tertentu oleh Allah SWT supaya mereka dapat menjalankan tugas mereka terhadap manusia. Selain itu, tugas bunian ialah untuk beribadat kepada Allah. Mereka merupakan golongan alim ulama yang arif tentang agama. Mereka juga diberi kuasa untuk melihat masa lampau dan masa hadapan. Ungkapan yang menyatakan bahawa bunian adalah syaitan adalah tidak benar sama sekali. Bunian dijadikan dari cahaya. Mereka hampir sama kejadiannya dengan malaikat tetapi telah ditugaskan untuk mendampingi manusia yang teraniaya. Jangan terpedaya dengan golongan jin kafir dan iblis yang sering menyamar sebagai bunian untuk memperdaya manusia. Bunian suci, bersih dan tertib. Tidak mungkin bunian akan meminta yang bukan-bukan atau bercakap yang tidak benar. Hamba harap titipan hamba ini dapat sedikit sebanyak mengurangkan kekeliruan yang telah dihadapi manusia selama ini. Sehingga bertemu lagi, wassalam...

*Assalamualaikum para pembaca sekalian, ingin saya mempelawa saudara/saudari untuk membaca artikel terkini di blog ini, "Kebenaran mengenai Bunian" dan "Kebenaran mengenai Bunian II" untuk mendapat maklumat terkini mengenai Para Raja-raja Bunian. Wassalam.